Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was just cutting fabric, doing what I normally do at work. Serving the customer by answering their every beck and call. This doesn't just mean that I just cut fabric and run errands. I give hugs. I ask questions. I listen.

This particular customer had several projects she needed help with. She was going on a retreat this weekend and wanted to stock up on projects for the three days of non stop quilting.

One of the projects was several pieces of fabric all the same sizes for pillowcases.

She told me that she got them at her quilt group meeting. All of the women in the group had brought in three quarters of a yard of fabric and drew names for the whole pile. She had won this time after a day that was particularly hard at her work place. It really made her day she said.

When I heard that I said, "I love it when God does that!"

She agreed with me with a simple "yeah".

When I heard her reply I wondered if I had should have said that.

What if she didn't believe in God? Did I offend her?

On the drive home God brought the incident to mind.

As I thought about the short encounter, I realized that maybe I had said the right thing.

I should not be afraid of praising God.

Even though I had said such a simple thing, I shouldn't let my fear of man stop me from praising God.

God didn't promise that Christians will have an easy life of this earth.

Am I willing to pick up my cross and sacrifice all my life for Christ?

I don't want to live this life like the lukewarm Church, Jesus rebukes in Revelation. (Revelation 3:14-22)

I want to be instead hot for God.

"Please Lord, make it so"


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