Saturday, February 23, 2013


I closed my eyes as she spoke the words - expecting that He would show me a picture. A picture of how much He loved me. I knew it was going to be special - a message just for me. I knew I was going to be thrilled by Him and yet I was scared that I would make up something or that I wouldn't see it clearly but I closed my eyes anyway, expecting that He would show me.
At first my mind was blank but as I waited, I couldn't help myself and talked to God then. I became silent but I didn't have to wait long.
I saw dancing.
I was dancing with Jesus. I was wearing a twirly dress and spinning around and around in Jesus' arms. I gazed into His eyes and had to look away because His look of love was too overwhelming.
As we kept dancing I felt Jesus saying "Dear one you don't ever have to worry about the step you take in the dance of life because I think your dancing is beautiful. And that's what matter".
I couldn't stand it any longer but I had to start praising him. It was like nothing I had ever experienced of God - and it was just like we prayed.
I became hungry for more.
Hungry for more of God.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Evidences of Grace

There are fingerprints of grace all over our lives, sprinkled like raindrops on a dusty ground.
A smile here,
an act of kindness there,
evidences of gifts untold.
God's grace is all around us, touching us, holding us, comforting us. Giving strength to the weak; joy to the sorrowful. His grace fills this world holding it together, making it spin.
We his precious creatures created in His likeness, close our eyes to his love and grace that envelopes our lives. We don't recognise that hug, that wonderful apple you ate at lunch today, that meeting with a loved one is from God.

"Lord give me eyes to see your grace. Open up my eyes more to see how wonderful your love is to me.
Teach me to see the little signs of your grace.
That wonderful e-mail from the one I love; that rescued past from a life of sorrow is all from you. It is all from your loving hand as a father.
Show me how to be an avenue of your matchless grace.
Flow your grace through me Lord.
Flow through me."