Friday, May 25, 2012


The only
can be
from all
of love
is Hell.
~C.S. Lewis

The Gift of Family...

God has been more than good to me.

 I see that every day of my life when I look at the family He as given me. 

To explain why I love my family is rather hard because I don't know where to start. I am just reminded of it during the day by little things that happen. Whether it be Hannah my sister closest to me in age just coming into my room and sitting and talking with me, asking random questions and generally having a sister talk. :D

 Or being woken up by Allison, my youngest sister cause she needs my tape player, and which iron works again? 

Or its Sarah, who has the most hilarious sense of humor. She (and every one else cracks me up all the time). A quiet girl but always with something to say she is continuely making us laugh with her sarcasm. Whether its directed at me or anyone else its still funny. For example, Hannah rushing to take a shower cries out "Where's my cell phone?!........oh wait....I found it!!!" then at the perfect moment Sarah comments "What do you need your cell phone in the shower for?".

 Or it could be like last night as I heard shouts from the rain outside. Sarah, Allison and J.J. were playing in the rain. It had rained all day. The rain had created huge puddles around our little ten acre hobby farm. J.J. and I couldn't resist running and chasing each other through and around all those wonderfully splashy puddles. I can still see his face as his yellow "Minion" shirt from "Despicable Me" stood out in the semi darkness, giving me that grin of his with the triplets of dimples on either side of the corners of his mouth.

Or it could be Carson in all of his toddler cuteness. He is not afraid of telling me when he wants me to read a book. Grabbing his favorite (at the time) he will come right up to me and with his little but rapidly growing vocabulary demand that I read it to him. How can I resist that chubby face, with the blue eyes and curly hair? I can't miss those times where he willingly sits in my lap and listens to me read, exclaiming with every new turn of the page, trying to say things that he recognises on the pages.

Or it could be my Dad, teasing me at every opportunity but oh so willing to protect me, making sure that I get to where I am going, and looking out for my heart.

Or then again it could be my Mom, my wonderful, straight forward, down to earth mom, who loves the Lord with all her heart,  as she makes sure that I am heading in the right direction, or just watches me with that mommy vision over hers, always praying for me, looking out for me and loving me to the utmost.

Either way, every day I have reason to say, "Thank you God for giving me my precious, goofy, and loud family." :D