Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gas Station Obedience

I want to set the world on fire.

Until it's burning bright for you..

It's everything that I desire.

Can I be the one you use?

The words to Brit Nicole's song "Set the World on Fire"  were runnin' through my head as I pulled into the gas station after my dad.

He had pulled me away from working on my previous blog post to fill up my car with gas.

I grumbled inside..wishing he would just give me the money to fill it.

But as I sat waiting for my car to fill up with gas and for my dad to go inside to pay, I started praying for everyone that I could visibly see in the gas station parking lot. I asked for their salvation..that they would know God's love..and realize their sinfulness.

First it was the teenage boy straight ahead getting into his car.....then the lady to my far right just filling up...then my prayers turned to a man with a red truck just across from me, who just arrived.

As soon as I started praying for him I felt God say to me, "Get out and talk to him"

My mind jolted from my prayer....I was scared to get out and talk to that man..he looked like a nice man to be sure but...but..I was at a gas station at night...aren't those supposed to be dangerous places?

"God can I just pray for the guy?" I asked..but my mind couldn't focus on my prayers...all I could think about was getting out and talking to that man....what if he really needed to hear about Christ? What if God really wanted me to talk to him?

I had no idea what I was going to say to him if I got out..but as time went on I felt myself taking off my seat belt....

Then it was to late..He went inside....but aah..I had tracks in my purse. A gift from my dad before I went on a mission trip to Thailand..I am ashamed to say that I had never used one...until now.

As soon as the man got inside the gas station, I opened my car door and scurried across the aisle and placed the track right on the windshield.

It was pefect timing..for as soon as I had closed my car door back inside my car the man came back.

He walked right to his truck and got inside totally missing the tract I had placed on the window.

I prayed "God please let him see the tract"

He then seemed to see it..and got out of the truck....and picked it up, got back inside and drove off....

I breathed a sigh of relief..I prayed that he would read the tract....and really wished that I had gotten out to talk with him.

What if he really needed to hear about Jesus' love that night?

But a couple weeks ago, I wouldn't have looked at this gas station visit as an opportunity to share the gospel..and I sure wouldn't have gotten out and put that tract on a man's truck.

I rejoice at this little step of faith God granted me and pray that God would grant me the grace to step out in faith in larger ways. Praying that God would grant me a love for the lost. Praying that He would help me overcome my fear of man.  Praying in every opportunity in which I might meet people that God would grant conversations and openings to share the gospel.


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