Monday, March 19, 2012

The Race....

I don't think I will finish today.

My ankle hurts.

"God please heal my ankle!"

I keep running. The pace isn't to fast. I keep my legs under me.

Mile Four.

The pain subsided.

Maybe I can go faster!

I increased the speed. I started passing people. Oh what joy! What exhilartion!

It looked like I was going to make it after all.

I passed one racer after another.

I check my watch. Kenzie has got to be coming soon. She has to be heading back already. that her?

I see the runner's stride. Not perfectly straight, more like a swimmer pushing the pavement back. 

I move towards the middle of the road.

I scream "Go Kenzie! Go Kenzie!!"

She's coming closer.

I reach out my hand.

We touch hands.

And keep going.

I prayed out loud. "God please let her finish second girl! Please let her break a record! Please let her finish strong!"

Now for Kevin and Caleb. I scan the increasing crowd of runners coming toward me. I find my head swimming as my eyes are scanning the runners for them. that them?

Yes!  They are side by side, neck and neck. A pack of runners behind them, looking as if they were leading a charge.

"Go Caleb! Go Kevin!"

Now to keep going. That half way point is coming up soon......just keep going! Just keep going!

Whew I passed the turn around. Ugh..its harder now. The wind is in my face now.

I must keep going.

I must keep going.

Wait! There's Corrie!


She looks suprised that I am so far ahead.

I keep moving.

Need more water!

Theres the water stop....grab two cups. One for my head, the other for my mouth.

Keep going.

I feel so much better.

Mile 9 only 4 more to go!

I can't let that tatooed man beat me.

Passed him.


Now where is my family? They said they were gonna be here.

Why do women have to wear spandex shorts?

Green Spandex Shorts!

I am not gonna let a girl with a green behind beat me.

Passed her.

Mile 12.

Almost there. Hurry up finish line! Where are you?

Aah.....I am almost there. My knee is on fire.

Yay! I see the finish line.

Yes I can!

I pick up speed. Pumping my arms and legs. Running faster and faster.

I sprint toward the finish line.


I hear my family...there they are.....I knew that they would show up!

I feel on top of the world. I can do this. I can do this!

The finish line is only a little bit farther....a little farther...

I passed it!

I finished!

I stop by my friend and her family. Bending over I pant, trying to get breath.

My body feels worn out but I feel good inside.

I did it!

I finished the race!

I didn't stop. I kept going and I finished!



  1. WTG Jess Glad that Gpa was there, sorry I didn't make it. Great job! Gma

  2. this needs to be published. i love you! -bekah misiura :)

  3. You are ridiculous Jess...I love you anyway, but you are crazy!!! Just in case you needed a reminder :P


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