Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moon Thoughts

Driving home on the country roads that lead to my house I couldn't help but notice the huge moon shining down on me.

Ever since I was little I have loved the moon. Driving home with my family in our van I would press my nose against the back window of the van and stare up at it. It was so beautiful and large. Something about it fascinated me.

My love of the moon carried on into my mid teenage years. While at camp one summer I woke up to the moon shining into the window of the room that I shared with the maintenance girl. We had become best friends over the summer and I had to share the moon with her :D

"Em, Em," I said.

She lifted her head...."Whaaat?" she answered groggily.

"Look at the moon!"

"That's great"..and she promptily laid her head back down and went back to sleep.

It became a joke with us. I began to text her any time I saw a pretty moon...and she would try to see it too.

As I drove home tonight all these things ran through my head but another thought came to mind as well. I have often thought about the moon as a picture of Christians. The moon is a reflection of the sun. We as Christians should refect Jesus Christ. We are the moon. Jesus is the Sun. I had a new thought tonight. The moon doesn't do anything to create it's own light. The sun creates the light, not the moon. I we as Christians need to stay close to Jesus. We need to can't do anything to shine Christ...all we need to do is just bask in Christ's his love..and we won't be able to help shining will just happen.

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