Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hidden Blessings

Life is so full of blessings,

You just have to choose to have the eyes to see them.

Living in a foreign country it is hard to see the blessings God brings. It is so easy to let my mind get filled with my woes of how I didn't get a hot shower, or how I just can't get away from that spitting noise that everyone makes here or how that guy who takes one look at me and then honks his horn just because I am a foreigner.

It is so easy to let myself have a pity party and think about how much I miss my family or how I just wish I could sit down and have a long talk with my boyfriend. But if I let myself get caught up in that I will miss what God has for me now. I will blind myself to the wonderful blessings God has for me today.

I must choose by God's grace to see the little pleasures God brings. And if I choose to look for them, I will be so much happier.

That has been my struggle lately during the midst of the Christmas season to not dwell on what I don't have but to dwell on what I do have.

I realized today that I can be happy about the little things. Even though I miss a lot from back home, I can be so thankful for the little gifts God brings here today.

So I decided as I wrapped my hands around my warm cup to accept the hot chocolate that I thought was gonna be a cold chocolate shake as a wonderful gift from Jesus.

And as I write this my host brought me some red licorice something that I haven't had since I left home.

"Yes" I thought, "I can smile and wonderfully bask in the little blessings God brings"

"I can be so thankful every time I see the sun, or get a glimpse of the moon or tast the wonderful dumplings they have here, or when I get a chance to laugh with friends. I can be thankful and accept it for what it is,

A Gift from God. :)

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  1. Love you Jess and know you are experiencing a true gift from God of a lifetime.
    We are so proud of you for taking on the challenge and for doing God's work. We will miss you this Christmas but know that you are in God's hands and He will see you through. Savor every moment.


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